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Logos & Branding

A great idea can make millions, transform lives or change the world. But just like the rest of us, a great idea has to get dressed before it goes to work. That’s where we come in. A brand is what your idea wears when it’s ready to go out in the world and make an impression. We’ll make sure it’s a memorable one. Helping you create a brand or logo identity is equal parts art, science and relationship. Together, we’ll play with your personality. We’ll explore your offering and its potential. We’ll examine your customers and competition. Finally, we’ll create and refine until we achieve a look and voice that fit you like a well-tailored suit. An extraordinary brand and logo will work harder for your idea and organization than any other form of marketing. They announce who you are, what you do, and how you do it before you even enter the room. Get them right, and all your other marketing efforts become easier.


Web Design

Websites are like hipsters: no matter how cool they may look at first, they can get old pretty quick. That can be a big problem when you’re trying to grow a business, because these days your website is often the first impression you make on people. Don’t let it be your last. Before contacting, visiting or ordering from you, potential customers will likely browse you. And if they don’t find your online presence to be easy, engaging and helpful, you’ll never hear from them. Our clean designs, succinct layouts, and user-friendly functionality encourage visitors to stop browsing and take notice. We help you give them more reasons to stay, to contact you, and to keep coming back. And as you grow, your scalable website can lead the way, changing and expanding as you do.

Web Design

Web Development

What’s under the hood? It’s the first question out of any car buff and what we’re keen to know about any web address. Keeping websites fresh and fast in an updatable digital environment means we’re constantly researching and learning new ways to improve the back end. A website should be as easy for you to maintain as it is for visitors to use, so we’re as religious about clean code as we are about clean design. Without regular updates, your site will soon resemble an abandoned house, so we make it convenient to change or refresh content to keep users coming back. Whether you choose to revise and amend it yourself, or you prefer to have us manage your site for you, the ability to quickly, painlessly modify it will be one of its key features.

Web Development

Graphic Design

With so much emphasis on electronic media today, you’d think print was dead. It’s not. Print promotions are still one of the best ways to leave an impression on many audiences. And if you haven’t heard, print has advanced light years over the past decade, with a host of new materials, techniques and looks that can elevate any brand or marketing campaign. It’s a sandbox we love to dig in—business cards, letterhead and business packages, catalogs, annual reports, book covers, brochures, menus, stickers—they’re the perfect place to turn your brand into a tangible work of art.


An image can make your marketing. No matter what your product, service or idea, the right photography attracts an audience the way words never will. Sooner or later, great branding will lead to that perfect picture that epitomizes you, your offering or your customers. Stoke Interactive helps you focus in on that ideal image with a complete menu of photography packages that make it as easy as point and shoot.


If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how many are a video worth? As the world has gone digital, digital has gone video, with 4 out of 5 consumers finding videos to be a helpful tool when making purchasing decisions. Cisco Systems estimates that 82 percent of all web traffic will be video based by 2020. With Stoke videography, you’ll create moving content that’s an integral part of your branding strategy, not merely an addition to it.

stoke interactive videography

Social Media

This is one of those disciplines that looks so easy when done well. Trouble is, few do social media well enough to really move the needle. The algorithms and trends are constantly evolving, making it difficult for any business to manage and master. As both technicians and communicators, we’ve become experts at social media management. Stoke offers a variety of services that manage your social presence, create content and boost daily interactions, always keeping you in the conversation while freeing you up to get on with business.


Where Else Can We Help?

Branding and marketing is a big umbrella that covers so much more than a name, logo or website. What’s your idea? What could you be doing differently? Where are you falling short? Our creative, technical and communications skills are at your service. Put them to work on print and digital advertising, signs, t-shirts, books, direct mail, product packaging, invitations, marketing swag, events and more.

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