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Dr. Lisa Cheyette & Associates

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When Dr. Lisa Cheyette and Associates contacted us to redesign their current website, we were thrilled. Georgia based licensed psychologist Dr. Lisa Cheyette and her team lead a practice based helping children and their families during critical moments. When speaking with them in our initial meeting, we instantly knew they had so much passion and love for what they do and the clients they help.

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We wanted to bring a very personal, yet professional feel to their webiste. Their old website was outdated, poorly designed and could have unintentionally made someone move right past it. Looking at it we knew they needed a website that was clear and easy to navigate. People were visiting this website in a time of need, and the last thing they needed was confusion. We kept the design very clean, bright and used colors that are soothing and calming. Using responsive web design, the website is scalable on mobile and tablet and has easy to use contact forms, so any user will find it straightforward and easy to use on any device.

In addition to their new website, we created a new typography focused logo for them. The challenge was only using typesetting and no graphics – while still giving them their own identity that would stand strong across many mediums.

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