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When a company comes to Stoke Interactive, whether they are local or remote, we get to know the people. That allows us to create a new brand for them that isn’t generic. Branding is very personal and we enjoy including the client in the process. We ask them questions to get to know them and ask for examples of graphics, websites, or logos that they’ve seen that appeal to them. It helps us understand their personality and style better. After a first round of designs, we provide them with branding options to choose from. They get to see everything, including overall logo designs, fonts used, colors, and layouts, to see what stands out to them the most. Usually, they chose a few and we refine and combine the ideas to create one design that represents them perfectly.

For this project, we were asked to create branding assets for the newly launched, San Francisco based financial company, Scotts American, LLC. They asked for us to represent them with a strong graphic. The owner, a Taurus, suggested a bull, and wanted that as part of his brand. After presenting the client with a variety of options for graphics, fonts and colors, they choose their favorite elements and we moved forward in developing the branding using them.

Tools Used


For the graphic logo, Stoke Interactive took the image of a strong, running, fighting bull, and used his tail to create the company’s initials S and A. Then, using the new logo, we created the business cards. We used a dark color palate for a strong, clean look, using dark grays, blue, and light gray for the smaller fonts which helped develop contrast. By keeping the front side of the business card clean with only the logo on a white background, it keeps the design sleek and simple. Turn the card over, and its repetition of the logo on a dark background, re-iterates the brand with a new feel.

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