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We were approached by The Side Door to create a new website. Their old website was out of date and they were ready to take some big steps to help their online presence. Our conversations started with just wanting a new website, but evolved into more including new branding, menus, and more.

We loved the idea of what The Side Door is. They have established themselves as a local neighborhood hang, where people came to listen to music, have a cold beer, and enjoy some good food. The place has it's regulars, but it also is in a perfect location for visitors especially during Spring Training since it's right down the street, in Scottsdale. They pride themselves on the relaxed atmosphere, that you might find in the midwest (makes sense since the owners are from Chicago, and have brought those roots with them), but they also pride themselves also their customers who have made it their home. Something else that's unique about The Side Door is that your can actually get beer and wine to go, which is very special here in Arizona.

We created a new logo for them, trying to keep things friendly but also modernize it a bit. We wanted things to have a rock and roll lunge, Brooklyn feel, but still keep it's core personality. We stuck with focusing on the S and D and using that to lead the way. Once we had the logo finished, we moved onto the website. We stuck with the feel of the new branding and created the website to match. Clean, sophisticated, and tasty since their food and drinks would be featured using photos on the website. We used illustrations to keep that "neighborhood" friendly feel on each of the pages. The feel this covays is so warm and welcoming - very unique for the area which really makes it stand out. The website features a ever changing calendar of their live music events, the online menu, and information about their beer and wine selections. The backend of the website focuses on being lightweight, clean, and easily updatable. It is responsive and easily viewable on any device, with mobile in mind.

In conjunction with the website, we redesigned the print menus. We took the illustration styles from the website and carried them over to the menu by illustrating some of the food items offered, and beverages to go with. The warm and friendly feel that we created on the website, is consistent now with the menus. There's a fun and playfulness to them, just like the restaurant itself.

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