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Triple R Horse Rescue


Stoke Interactive loves to lend a helping hand in any opportunity that comes our way. A few of our team members in Phoenix, AZ had been spending extra time volunteering at Triple R Horse Rescue (Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-Home). We've helped with chores in the mornings (cleaning, feeding, bonding) and lending an artistic hand in the pasture with photography of all the adoptable animals.

Tools Used

It’s sometimes a difficult task (emotionally), as the horses that come in have usually been though a rough journey to get to the ranch. Since Triple R is a rescue, these horses are usually in a situation where they haven’t been cared for properly in a long time. Luckily, they are now at the ranch where they are getting amazing treatment and hands on love. The turnover is usually pretty quick for these beautiful creatures and while they’re on the ranch they are groomed, fed, medicated and adored by a handful of incredible volunteers.

Another project we completed for Triple R was visiting the homes of horses who have been adopted over the years and interviewing their owners about how happy they are with their new family members. It’s a such a treat to talk with them and see how happy the horses and their new owners are. These horses are so lucky to have the life they have now, and you can see that they know it in their eyes. We brought the video camera and conducted short interviews about the horses, their past, and their new family. Working and volunteering with them has been an incredible and humbling experience for us.

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