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The thing about food is it can sell itself, but if its plated on the wrong dish it can look unappealing. It's all about presentation (and then taste of course). So we took that idea and created a "plate" for the restaurant to be "served on" from afar so when people researched the restaurant at home, they would want to put their shoes on and get in the car immediately. And we believe, the site turned out to do just that. We preserved the authentic Italian feel, but incorporated the neighborhood history that Uncle Sal's has built over the years.

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When Uncle Sal’s approached us, they were in search of an agency that could dedicate the time to fully understand their needs. Coming from another local agency, their biggest hurdle in choosing a new firm was ensuring they weren't lost in the shuffle of other clients. Like any successful business, they wanted to feel like the investment they were about to make would pay-off. We were beyond excited when Stoke Interactive was selected as their agency of choice!

During the initial onboarding, we were able to dive deep into better understanding their values and core beliefs, along with getting to know their market and competition. The first phase of this project was to create a new identity – a new logo and full branding package. The restaurant, a family owned and operated Scottsdale staple, has been proudly serving the community for over 30 years. They’ve rightfully earned the reputation of being “the place to go” for local, and “the place to eat” for tourists. Our mission was to translate this reputation into a modern identity while paying homage to the history of the restaurant and family.

For the second phase of our project, Stoke Interactive moved onto a website redesign and development, from the ground up. As mentioned before, Uncle Sal’s has developed somewhat of a notoriety in the Scottsdale community. With that in mind, we designed a clean, yet inviting, website design that puts emphasis on what they do best – food!

Finally, we updated the design of their menus to complete the look. Uncle Sal’s has a unique menu for lunch, dinner, kid’s menu, the bar, dessert, and the wine list (oh the wine list!). To ensure that their stunning dinner and dessert menus stood out, we added a special touch of bronze foil, adding a beautiful contrast to the white table cloths and large glasses of red wine.

Our experience was Uncle Sal’s was exactly what we expected from such a renowned restaurant – amazing! And with all the food we’ve been lucky enough to sample makes us feel like the winners on this project!

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